Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trumping the Trump Challenge

Secret Musliming Around
I've been thinking about the Trump thing.  Much as I hate to see the President lower himself to deal with a slimewad like Trump, I think he should give Trump what he wants . . .and then some.  I think not only should he send over his college/law school/passport info, but everything back to preschool.  If his grandparents saved any of his finger paintings or crayon drawings, send copies of those too. 

I have to say, I really enjoy the idea of the Donald and his team of dipshit "investigators" sifting through the detritus of Obama's schooldays.  They can discuss the Islamic imagery in the aforementioned fingerpaintings, crow over ever bad mark the President accrued in deportment, dissect his first tortured efforts at cursive, and lambast him for every math mistake.  After all, shouldn't America know if the President once struggled with fractions?  How can he right the economy if once upon a time he couldn't solve for x?  All of this matters, right? 

The fact of the matter is there's nothing the President can do to satisfy the fringe elements like Donald Trump.  Hell, Trump himself may not believe any of this crap, but it gets his name in the news.  I know Obama is too classy to ever give in to Trump's ridiculous challenge, but there's a small part of me that wishes he would and do it in the snarkiest, most humorous way possible.