Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Don't Need Another Hero

Listen up Far Right Anti-Abortion Extremists: Scott Roeder ain't no hero. Gunning down an unarmed man in his church is the cowardly act of a terrorist, hardly an act of heroism. Dr. George Tiller's occupation may be anathema to you, but that does not give anyone the right to take his life. I am so tired of this schism in American politics. Abortion is legal and in some cases, medically necessary. Many of the late term abortions Dr. Tiller performed were necessary to ensure the survival of the woman in question, but I'm that doesn't matter to the so-called Pro-Lifers. Is the woman's life supposed to be forfeit in these cases? Are women little more then breathing baby incubators? Dr. Tiller was one of three providers in the country who performed these services for women in need. Now there's one less and the US Marshals have been called in to protect the others.

This crime is absolutely terrorism and I would lock Mr. Roeder up with others of his ilk. Anyone who participates in the intimidation of or commits violent acts against people performing a legal service should be considered a domestic terrorist and dealt with accordingly. I find it absolutely abhorrent that there are people celebrating this man's death and claiming it as a victory. A family man and respected doctor is dead simply because there are some individuals out there who refuse to respect the law and what it stands for.